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Affiliate & Advertiser Tracking

Our mission is to provide an intuitive, reliable and versatile affiliate tracking tool to route and analyse your online advertising traffic. No fuss!

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Lightning fast redirects via globally distributed data centers and up-to-the-minute reports thanks to our cutting edge cloud technology.

  • Focus on ROI

    Trackhouse provides you with a set of tools to maximise your ROI

  • Full Reporting

    Detailed breakdowns provide you with thousands of different ways to interrogate your data. Know everything about your traffic!

  • Responsive To Your Needs

    We work closely with our customers to provide niche features that help them excel.


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Versatile Tracking Tools

Whether you're a Media Buyer looking for mediabuy tracking or Advertiser looking for a tracking platform, Trackhouse has the tools to meet your needs!

Media Buyers

Track spend and revenue from your media buying campaigns to third party offers. Measure performance and optimize. Take your mediabuy tracking to next level.


Direct traffic to your offers, split test, easily configure conversion tracking and traffic source notifications. Measure performance through a vast array of metrics.

Intuitive User Interface

Trackhouse is designed to fit all. Whether you are a power user or a beginner, get up and running in minutes. Our easy to use, intuitive user interface will provide you with one click setups as well as detailed data breakdowns, sorting and filtering.

Excel & CSV Export Detailed data breakdowns Multiple data points Detailed filter system
Smart search bar


The ability to analyse your traffic is key to its success.

We provide in-depth breakdowns on a multitude of device (browser, OS, Geo information etc), time (by the hour, day, month and year) and traffic related metrics which give you the power to interrogate your data for all the answers you seek. We provide real-time conversion and sample click data so you can monitor your traffic immediately and quickly spot any issues with quality or campaign setup.


Our mission is to work closely with our customers to develop new features, however niche they may be.

We pride ourselves in providing intuitive features that make your traffic management life easier.

Excel & CSV

Excel & CSV export features for downloading or sharing data tables.

Detailed Filter System

Expert filtering system to get the data you need when you need it.

Smart Search

Smart search feature to navigate directly to the data you seek.

Detailed Data Breakdowns

Breakdown your data table by device, country, browser and more with our detailed data breakdown feature.

Click Tracking

Impression Tracking

Detailed Reporting

A/B Split Testing


Multi-Currency Support

Raw Data Logs

Fraud Prevention

Multi-User Accounts

Agnostic System

Server to Server

Client to Server

Live/Test Mode

Multi-Source Campaigns

Rule Based Routing

Direct Tracking Pixel

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Our Knowledge Base

The Trackhouse knowledge base hosts an extensive amount of documentation to help you get up and running asap. If you would like to request additional content, simply drop us a line.


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